RE: A math problem is driving me nuts!

Seth showed me how to solve the math problem I was having, as did Dori, privately. Thanks!

While trying to work it out, I was thinking that there has to be a way to get that lone "3" into the numerator, since it was completely gone from the author's answer, but I was struggling to find the way. When I saw what I had missed, lots of old synapses fired and soot balls were jettisoned from my ears. :-)

At first I was a little disappointed that I had forgotten something rather simple, but after a few minutes that blue mood went away. I can't get discouraged so easily, especially when I've JUST started studying again. Obviously things aren't going to come as easily as I hope they would.

I've got 3 months to get my brain into shape. I think that's enough time.

Here are some of the bookmarks I kept while browsing for Math resources back in March...

As you can see there is no shortage of material to study from. I still think I am going to need some more elementary material though. I need a thorough review of factoring, for one thing. Frankly, I need a thorough review of all junior-high and high-school level algebra and trigonometry.

Written on May 9, 2004