Don't golf in a thunderstorm

1PM: I wanted to go golfing but there's a severe weather warning (thunderstorm watch) for the Greater Victoria area. :-(

8PM: This afternoon I traded in my first (starter) set of golf clubs for a full 11 piece set and new putter. The store I bought my first set from has a '1/2 back' program where you get 1/2 the cost of your clubs back if you upgrade in the first year.

After that I went to the driving range. I definitely shouldn't hit more than one bucket of balls -- by the time I'm at the end of the 1st bucket my swing is all over the place. The 2nd bucket was a total waste, and now my back is a wreck. :-(

When I bought my first clubs last year, I wrote about it on this site. It's kind of neat (for me anyway) to be able to go back and read that stuff... I wish I had kept a diary through my whole life.

Written on July 22, 2000