Sans Préfixe

Sami just pointed me at Brent’s post from July Prefixes Considered Passé.

He then pointed out that Xcode 6 doesn’t prompt for a class prefix anymore! I created a new project, and its classes were indeed sans préfixe. That’s certainly a tell, so why fight it? If it doesn’t work out, it’s easy enough to retrofit the class names later, but hopefully that won’t be necessary. And hopefully I won’t want a class named “Message”, because Apple’s already using that. (sigh)

I expect people writing libraries will still want to prefix their class names, but at the application level, it should be fine.

Since this post is brought to you by the letter X, I’ll leave you with this Shut Up & Sit Down review of the X-Wing Miniatures game. It’s a blast!

Written on September 29, 2014