iOS 7 changed my home screen

When Apple introduced folders to the Springboard (home screen), I set up a folder named "Dock" that contained the apps I use most. My dock consisted of Phone, Gmail, Safari and the Dock folder.

I had about 5 pages of apps, so having a folder on the Dock meant I could get at my favourite apps from every page. When the iPhone 5 came out, this was even better, as folders could hold an extra row of apps.

iOS 7 has changed things in a few ways that has resulted in me abandoning the Dock folder I've used for years.

  1. Folders only show 9 apps after opening them.
  2. The folder opening/closing animation is painfully slow.
  3. Folders can hold multiple pages of apps.

The combination of these changes makes the Dock less convenient, less quick, and less necessary, as I now only have two pages of apps since I've consolidated many apps into fewer more-populated folders.

Instead, I've created a folder for the apps I had on the first page of my home screen that I used less frequently than the Dock folder apps. The Dock folder apps are now directly on the first page of my home screen. Since I use the apps on the second page of the home screen least often, my favourite apps are now often even quicker to access than before.

In some ways, this is a better arrangement than I had before, but I'd still rather have folders that showed 16 apps and much quicker animations.

Written on October 19, 2013