You need the willingness to succeed too

Ken Segall's Observatory: Meanwhile, over at Ron Johnson’s place…

"To turn a vision into visible change, you must be immune to the criticism. You must do what you believe in your heart to be the right thing. Only when the vision is complete and has proven itself to be a success, do the naysayers quietly go away."

That is one of the most inspiring statements I've read since I read John Backus' statement on failure in his obituary in the NY Times.

Steve Lohr, NY Times: John W. Backus, 82, Fortran Developer, Dies

"You need the willingness to fail all the time," he said. "You have to generate many ideas and then you have to work very hard only to discover that they don’t work. And you keep doing that over and over until you find one that does work."

Segall's statement follows quite nicely as "what to do next" if you follow Backus' advice. After you've failed and you've found what works, you need the willingness to succeed. That can be just as hard as having the willingness to fail.

Written on February 28, 2013