Goodbye Facebook

I just posted the following to my Facebook profile. Unless something changes drastically it’s probably my last Facebook post…

Hello Friends and Family,

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t been posting on Facebook recently, and that while I used to regularly click “like” on your posts, lately I have not.

This is because I’ve not been using Facebook lately, and I fully expect this to continue.

So, if you use Facebook to keep your friends and families informed of what’s happening in your lives, please don’t be surprised if I’m out of the loop, because I’ve removed myself from this particular loop.

Facebook is dangerous. Their existence, their arrogance and negligence is a direct cause for many terrible things that have been happening in the world in the last few years, and I cannot continue to use this site’s news feed. I implore you to stop using it too.

I do miss seeing what you post, and I do miss sharing things with you, but I hope you can understand why this is necessary. We need an alternative way to keep in touch, something like Facebook, but without the surveillance, without the abuse of our privacy, without the effect of creating echo chambers that only further divide us from our neighbours and tint the lens we view the world with to the point where we basically believe we live on different planets.

I’ve felt this way for quite a while but with the news that has come out this week about Facebook I wanted to share how I feel about this with all of you so you know why I am not here, sharing with you and supporting our friendship (which still means as much to me as it ever did) with likes.

I will continue to use Facebook Messenger until further notice as it’s a convenient way for some of my friends to contact me quickly, but that’s it.

Perhaps some important event will happen down the road that I feel I need to share on my Facebook profile, but most likely I will be posting that information to my personal web site.

Please spend a few minutes (off Facebook) researching what has been happening with Facebook recently and consider whether or not you can accept continuing to feed them your information knowing what can happen when Facebook in particular holds it and that of everyone else who continues to willingly partake in this program.

Peace and Love.

Written on March 19, 2018