Nitro-powered whining

This post is an edited version of a series of tweets in response to all the comments whining about the lack of Nitro in UIWebView and home screen apps, like the ones on this HN story...

As Apple grows, its growing community gives them the benefit of the doubt less and less. I understand why, but at least take the high road. Please stop bitching about Nitro not being available in all of iOS 4.3. These things take time.

Can you imagine the consequences if Apple enabled Nitro in UIWebView and it broke thousands of App Store apps? If you aren't inside Apple you have NO idea what their QA process for this is. Honestly, I think Nitro should be opt-in not opt-out for UIWebView unless Apple can guarantee there are no backward incompatibility bugs.

So MobileSafari is first for Nitro. Apple's eating their own dog food. Hopefully home screen apps and UIWebView come next. I wouldn't be surprised if iOS 4.3.1 or 4.3.2 saw enabled Nitro for home screen web apps. iOS 5.0 is more likely for Nitro'd UIWebView. Apple had to get iOS 4.3 out the door for the iPad 2 launch - there are likely hundreds of radars the engineers wished they could have closed for 4.3 just ran out of time for.

Written on March 18, 2011