Warning: I often "report as spam" on Twitter

I've received over 1300 emails from Twitter. Over 95% notify me a profile started following me. I evaluate every profile, and use the "report as spam" button if I think the account is spam or from a douchebag self-proclaimed "social media wiz". I wish that behaviour was normal, but I'd bet it isn't.

I currently have 488 followers.

Is there a Twitter API that lets people see how many profiles I've blocked and/or reported as spam? If there isn't, there should be. I want to display it on my profile page... not in my description, rather, in some well known place people can reliably discover/parse/request.

"JimRoepcke blocks 62% of those who follow him" HELL YEAH!

Basically, I want to warn spammers that "trespassers shot on sight". If I was a Twitter spammer, I'd steer clear of profiles likely to "report as spam", because (I assume) profiles with a lot of blocks/spam reports are flagged for review/suspension.

Twitter, please let me wield this hammer in plain sight.

What do you think? Could this work, or is there a flaw I haven't considered?

Written on June 2, 2010