Calgary trip, Day 1

I'm in Calgary for the week. Arrived this afternoon. Got my luggage quick but that time advantage was erased by the doughebag taxi driver that took the scenic route to the B&B I'm staying at. I didn't notice until it was too late. Fuck.

Since I have to write a paper this week, and since I have a desk in my room, I decided to be clever and pack my 19" widescreen monitor and Apple aluminum keyboard. Took a minute to take the base off the monitor, packed flat in the suitcase, cake!

Got to the B&B to find out I'm staying in a different room this time. No problem... uh oh. No desk. LOL!

A quick call to the host fixed that though, I got moved to a room with a desk. Heh.

Walked to Vina's Pizza and Steak for dinner, that was really, really good. On the way back I stopped at the West Hillhurst Arena and watched the first few minutes of a Sr. Female hockey game. Apparently there's 4 tiers of (on average) 8 teams in that league. Gulp! I don't think we have 4 or 8 Sr. Female teams in Greater Victoria! And these ladies were seriously skilled. And I was told one of the players is the assistant coach of the Canadian National Ringette team. I'm pretty sure they could beat my team.

Now I'm back in my room watching the Oilers and the Canucks online and smack-talking the Canuck fans that are whining left, right and centre. It's 4-4 in the 3rd period.

On Tuesday I'll be trying something new - attending a lecture remotely over iChat! I left my Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh with a classmate, he'll be pointing the webcam at the prof and hopefully I'll be able to follow along and participate. :-) I'm really excited about this, if it works I'll be so happy! We tested it and it worked so I'm pretty confident about it.

Written on September 28, 2009