MonoTouch from Novell

Novell: MonoTouch

Congratulations to Novell for creating something almost relevant for the first time in years! I wonder what the runtime overhead is to load in the CLR... can't find mention of that on the site. iPhone apps run in a very memory-constrained environment, so whatever it is, it's not trivial.

I'm not a .NET/C# developer, so looking at the sample code was one of the first times I've ever looked at C# code. Is it really convention to capitalize method names? If so, why? Is this convention inherited from Visual Basic or something?

I'm sure this thing will improve, but right now there's no support for debugging, so good luck guys!

As with any bridged technology, if you want to get serious with it, you're going to have to know the underlying API and how to use it properly in its intended environment to be able to use it effectively in the bridged environment. So, what this means is quite a few Mono developers are going to be learning Objective-C soon. And hopefully they'll realize it's a heck of a lot easier than what they're using now.

MonoTouch looks like a great way to use .NET libraries (as long as they don't use the features that are disabled for MonoTouch) in an iPhone app, but I'm not sure I'd want to write an entire iPhone app in it.

Written on September 15, 2009