WebObjects, RIP?

It has been well-documented that WebObjects no longer ships with Xcode 3.2 for Mac OS X Snow Leopard, or Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server. So, is that the end for WebObjects? Inquiring minds would like to know...

I've been patient. Really, I have. There was no information provided at WWDC. If I remember correctly, an Apple rep at the (only) Java session said information would be available in a few weeks. But nothing has been announced. The next logical time (logical based on Apple's policy of secrecy which is more important than keeping developers informed about the future of their platform) for Apple to clear up the future of WebObjects is today, since Snow Leopard has now been released.

So far, nothing. I wish I could say I was surprised.

I'm not even doing a lot with WebObjects these days, but it is a part of my skill-set and I do enjoy working with it. Do I continue investing my time into maintaining those skills, or move on? I wish I knew. Any outsider looking at this situation would simply say "it's dead Jim, save yourself!", but the reality is, the silence means nothing, it's unfortunately completely normal.

The best outcome would be for Apple to announce it's making WebObjects an open-source project, a la WebKit, something they will support, improve, and accept outside contributions for. I doubt that happens, at least for a while, but it would be nice to know anything about where it's going.

So, Apple, what's the future of WebObjects?

Written on August 28, 2009