Scrap-it's application form is terrible

To: info\, applications\

Subject: Your Application form

I opened the application form PDF and saw what you see in "Picture 3.png" attached.


It is not okay to force me to use a commercial piece of software to apply for a government program. An HTML form would have been fine, or a *standard* PDF form if necessary. A standard PDF form can be opened in any PDF reader. Not knowing what a "PDF portfolio" is, I did a Google search.

It's a propriety Adobe format.

So I opened the PDF in Acrobat, I happen to have it because I have Adobe CS3 on my Mac. Yes, Adobe CS3 is commercial, and so is the Mac, but I don't have to use those to use online government services.

What I couldn't believe is what happened next... opening this portfolio document, Acrobat removed the menubar and the dock from my screen!

You can't be serious. You're saying to apply for this program I have to accept having your application form screw around with my personal computing environment?

This is totally unacceptable. I want to apply for your program, but this is not the way to go about it. I'm very disappointed. Please support standard document formats for government interaction with the people. Maybe PDF portfolios seemed like a cool technology for your technical people to use, but it proprietary, has a hostile user experience on my computer, and most importantly will reduce the number of people who can apply for your program because not everyone's computer can run Acrobat 9.

I would appreciate it if you could please send me an application form that will not interfere with my computer.

Thank you for listening,


Adboe PDF Portfolio is user hostile

Written on May 6, 2009