Fairtax jumps the shark with Joe the Plumber

I've been following the Fairtax movement for years. I just received an email from them that included this:

'Finally, we've been talking a lot recently with "Joe the Plumber" who is launching a national push for the FairTax. Joe represents the voice of the average man in desiring a better tax system and his help is most welcome. Watch Joe talk about the FairTax on HBO tonight on "Real Time with Bill Maher" and on Fox Sunday night on "Geraldo At Large." He'll be on stage in Lansing, Michigan and outside Atlanta at a Tea Party rallies April 15th talking about the FairTax. You go Joe!'

(emphasis as per email)

(Not named) Joe the (not a) Plumber? I don't see how he could do a credible job of advocating for the Fairtax. More than likely he'll put the final nail in Fairtax's coffin.


Written on April 3, 2009