Site5 email services are unreliable

For months I've had problems connecting to my site5-hosted email server. The root of the problem is a firewall rule they've implemented which blacklists my IP address constantly, they say I connect to their servers too frequently. I was told they would blacklist my IP address if an account connected more than once per minute, however it's still happening even with the interval between checks longer than that.

They've had the gall to suggest I set the interval to 10-20 minutes! They offer unlimited accounts but can't even support the 6 I'm using for my family.

There is nothing in their resource usage policy about connection limits or their firewall blacklisting, yet their email hosting page (which sends you to web hosting if you try to sign up for it) guarantees 99.9% uptime.

So don't host your email with site5 unless you only need to check your mail 3 times per hour.

Written on July 21, 2008