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No hotspot access for iPhone through Fido?

As I've said previously, I'm not happy with Rogers' rate plans for the iPhone, but if there is any silver lining whatsoever, it's that it includes unlimited access to Rogers/Fido WiFi hotspots, of which there are 28 in Victoria. Separately that service costs $24 a month for a limited number of minutes.

If I were to get an iPhone 3G, it wouldn't be through Rogers, it would be through Fido, who I've used for nearly four years. One of the things I like about Fido is per-second billing.

But is it possible Fido's plans don't include the hotspot access?

Rogers: Rogers Launches Flexible Price Packages for Apple iPhone 3G

"Pricing includes unlimited Wi-Fi access at all Rogers and Fido Hotspots.
Rogers Wireless will also offer two voice value packs [...]"

Fido: Fido Releases High Value Price Plans for Apple iPhone 3G

"In addition to offering per-second billing on all its plans, Fido will
also offer two iPhone value packs [...]"

The word hotspot doesn't appear in the Fido press release! I just called Fido and spoke with a customer service representative. I asked her about this and she assured me that the hotspot access is included with Fido plans. I asked if she could send me an email confirming this but she said she couldn't, all the information was on the web site. However, I've found nothing on their web site that says hotspot access is included. Could it be Rogers won't include the WiFi access in exchange for per-second billing? That would suck royally, but I wouldn't put it past them.

Colour me unconvinced that it will be included, despite the assurance from their support rep. I sure hope she's right.


Rogers replies to my iPhone 3G feedback on their site

Dear Jim Roepcke,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us, we appreciate your use of online customer service.

In your recent email, you have provided feedback regarding the iPhone plans that have recently been released.

We are sorry to hear that our iPhone 3G voice and data packages value are less than you were expecting. We would like to point out that they do offer more data and airtime than our traditional packages and they also come with the added features of bonus text messages and visual voicemail. However, we appreciate that this release has come with expectations from our customers.

Each carrier has a different pricing strategy. Rogers has designed a pricing structure that offers high-value, flexible voice and data packages so that Canadians can make the most of their iPhone 3G experience.

To fully appreciate everything this device has to offer (phone, iPod and Internet in one 3G device), our price plans include both voice and data. We have a wide selection of high value, flexible plans to meet your needs.

The majority of carriers offering iPhone 3G worldwide do not have unlimited plans for this device. Some carriers have implemented a "soft cap" so the plan isn?t truly "unlimited". For example, in France the soft cap is 500MB where we have a plan that includes 4 times that amount in your bucket. Unlimited plans could end up costing you more for what you don?t use.

Based on reports that the average usage for the first generation iPhone was less than 100MB per month, our iPhone 3G plans more than accommodate the vast majority of customers. Rogers customers get 4 times the data on our $60 entry level plan (400 MB) and 20 times the data on our most comprehensive plan.

At Rogers we are always aiming to improve service to better meet the needs of our customers and we appreciate your feedback.

We are pleased to have been able to address your inquiry. For additional information please visit our website at www.rogers.com.

Thank you for contacting Rogers.

For future email correspondence with respect to this e-mail, please quote reference number ########


Trisha C.

Rogers Online Customer Service