Rock Band HCI sucks

My brother in law called me at 7am this morning, said he was at Superstore and they had one Rock Band left for the Wii, did I want it? Ummm, sure? I have lots of friends that love it so it must be good right?


Just about every piece of the in-game user interface is absolutely horrible, on its own, but especially compared to Guitar Hero III.

I'm too tired from a long day of sports, meetings, gatherings and Rock Band to get into detail right now, but this is a warning to my Wii-loving friends, keep your money!

If I find the time and energy, I'll expand on my claims of UI sucktitude, but I think to really do it justice you need pictures, and that would be really time-consuming to produce, so I'm not sure that'll happen any time soon.

Written on June 23, 2008