Watching Dallas vs. San Jose, installing software

Check out my Twitter feed for info about my experience with backing up my machine.... short version: backup to USB2 drive failed at about 90% completion after over 10 hours of copying, bought a FireWire 800 drive and finished the backup and verify in 1.5 hours.

I installed Mac OS X this afternoon after finishing the backup, and after a busy day I'm finally installing software. I have installed Xcode/WO, iWork, iLife, and finished all the software updates. Still have to install Office, CS3 and all my other apps, as well as my documents/media.

I'm doing all this while watching the marathon Dallas vs. San Jose game on TSN. It's now intermission between the 3rd and 4th overtime periods. Wow, and I was feeling sorry for myself being on the ice for 4 of Cyan's hockey practices this weekend. Not anymore!

Written on May 5, 2008