Windows is 'collapsing,' Gartner analysts warn

Computerworld: Windows is 'collapsing,' Gartner analysts warn

Gotta love this quote:

"Last month, Forrester said that by the end of 2007 only 6.3% of 50,000 enterprise computer users it surveyed were working with Vista."

In 11 months, they captured 6.3% of their market. Apple's market share has gone from 9% in February 07 to 14% in February 08. So Vista captured 6.3% of less than 91% of the total market, less than 5.7%, but lost 5%. In the same time Apple has gained 5% of the total market and kept the 9% they already had.

"5 down, 95 to go" was Apple's slogan when they opened their retail stores. I bet Microsoft thought they were kidding.

According to OmniGroup's software update statistics today, Leopard has 34.1% of the Mac OS X market. Tiger, which is also newer than the OS Vista replaces (XP), has 65.5% of the Mac OS X market. That leaves 0.3% of the market running 10.3 or earlier.

Mac OS X 10.0 was released in March 2001, XP in October 2001. Actually, Mac OS X 10.1 was released a couple of weeks before Vista. Since Vista was released, Apple has also released 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 and 10.5, each with many incremental updates, and Microsoft has released Vista, but they can't even get 10% of their own market to use it, compared to the 99.7% of Mac users that are using an OS significantly newer and better than XP.

""Windows as we know it must be replaced," they said in their presentation."

Sssshhhh... it already has been. But don't tell them, they might wake up, do you really want anything else they come up with? Doesn't sound like it.

Written on April 11, 2008