Apple WWDC 2008 - Students?

Apple Developer Connection: Worldwide Developers Conference 2008

Apple announced WWDC 2008 today, it's in June in San Francisco (again). I had no intentions of going this year, but the iPhone SDK announcements are sorta changing things. I'm seriously interested in developing applications for the iPhone, so obviously WWDC is the place to be this June.

I'm hoping I can get a student scholarship to the conference, as has been available in previous years, but I haven't found any information about it yet. If you know anything about student rates / scholarships this year, please let me know.

Of course, I would be even more excited if we could actually, oh I don't know, get the iPhone in Canada. I guess it's the price I pay for living in an undeveloped country like Canada instead of a technology haven like Ireland.

Written on March 14, 2008