The term from hell was a success, one more to go!

I just received word of the last grade I was waiting for for last term's courses.

I took the 3 CS courses that are reputed to have the highest/hardest assignment/project workloads, courses our advisors advise against taking concurrently, and I ended up with 2 A's and an A+. :-)

(The three courses: Graphics, Compiler Construction, Networking)

I really think I deserved one more A+ (in graphics), I don't know why I lost a couple marks on my raytracer, I did everything that was asked for and implemented bonus features, so I'll look into that next week. Even still, I'm pretty happy, an 8.33/9.0 grade point average for the term, beating my previous high of 8.0/9.0 last year.


This term (which starts tomorrow, sigh) I'll be taking 4 courses. Right now, those 4 are:

ENGR 240 (Technical Writing for Engineers)

C SC 464 (Concurrency)

SENG 310 (Human Computer Interaction)

SENG 401 (Social and Professional Issues)

My schedule is half blessing, half curse: the good part is I have no morning classes and no school on Friday... the bad part is I have school until 6pm Monday through Thursday.

Written on January 2, 2008