Apple bug # 5664745: Terrible performance copying large number of small network files

28-Dec-2007 03:17 PM Jim Roepcke:

When I try to copy a large number of trees of files from a remote network share using the Finder, it takes nearly as much time just to "prepare to copy" as it does to actually copy. If it would just start copying right away instead of counting how many files it needs to copy, it would go much quicker.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Mount a remote volume in the Finder.
2. Select a large number of directories containing many files to copy
3. Copy (Cmd-C)
4. Create a folder on local Desktop.
5. Open new folder.
6. Paste (Cmd-V)
7. Wait while the copy window counts how many files it's going to copy.
8. Wait.
9. Wait.
10. Wait.
11. Do something else.
12. Come back thinking it would be done but it's still counting.
13. Wait.
14. File a bug report about how Finder could just be copying instead of counting.
15. Check on the copy after writing step 15.
16. Still "6 minutes" (read: 20 minutes) to go, keep writing the bug report.

Expected Results:

I expected the copy to begin when I did the Paste (step 6). I know there's a lot of files, I know it's not enough to fill up my disk, and I'd like files to start copying right away. If it must count, can't it do that while it's copying?

Actual Results:

I had to wait way too long to copy files from a network share.


Copying a small number of large files wouldn't cause a huge counting delay, just a large number of small files.


Perhaps a "stop counting, start copying now" checkbox in the copy window would help.


Written on December 28, 2007