Insanity, that is, this term is insane!

I knew it was going to be hard, but the workload I gave myself by taking the three highest workload Computer Science courses all at the same time has been... ridiculous.

I've been working on programming assignments/projects basically non-stop for quite a while now. I've been wanting to start a part-time job but it's simply not been possible!

On Wednesday I coded from 9 or 10 am straight through until 8 am the next morning. Then I went to see the knee surgeon about my knee, came home, and slept until 4:45 pm. Unfortunately that meant I slept through my classes from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. Didn't mean to. :-(

On Friday I worked on the same project from noon to six, (I had class until noon).

Then this past weekend... I stayed up late Friday night since I couldn't sleep (my sleep pattern was hosed) so I backed up my MBP and installed Leopard on it. Got up early in the morning to finish the software updates and installations and then got to work on my next major programming assignment. I worked on that basically all day except for a family visit.

Then this morning after Cyan's hockey game I started on it again and finished at 11:40 pm - just in time for the 11:59 pm deadline. :-)

To be honest, I can't believe I managed to finish that one on time. It was a big assignment but I wrote some really nice, really smart code and that led to time savings all over the place. Amazingly, after about 23 hours worth of coding, it look less than half an hour to debug and test the assignment. Nearly 1500 lines of code and I only had to change 2 lines of code to get some preliminary reasonable output. After just a few more lines fixed I had it working. :-)

Now I get to sleep so I can go back to the project I worked on last week so I can hand it on before the 5 pm Monday deadline.

Then... ugh, I'm scared to even look at iCal to find out what's next. ;-)

Written on November 19, 2007