MacBook Pro is the fastest *Vista* notebook

PC World: The Most Notable Notebooks of 2007

"The fastest Windows Vista notebook we've tested this year is a Mac. Try that again: The fastest Windows Vista notebook we've tested this year--or for that matter, ever--is a Mac. Not a Dell, not a Toshiba, not even an Alienware. The $2419 (plus the price of a copy of Windows Vista, of course) MacBook Pro's PC WorldBench 6 Beta 2 score of 88 beats Gateway's E-265M by a single point, but the MacBook's score is far more impressive simply because Apple couldn't care less whether you run Windows."

Sweet! So if I bang my head on something and lose my mind to such a degree I become a Windows user again (shudder), I'll already have a fast machine to run it on. :-)

On second thought, I might just wear my hockey helmet full-time to avoid such a fate.

Written on October 29, 2007