Halo 3 prediction - RROD chaos

I'm convinced that it was the Halo 3 Public Beta that killed my Xbox 360 last May. I had never had problems with my 360 until I played that game. I believe that it is too demanding on the CPU and GPU and consequently the internal temperature of the 360 goes too high for a sustained period of time, resulting in the console kicking the bucket by way of the dreaded Red Ring of Death.

Microsoft is going to sell millions and millions of copies of Halo 3, and I wouldn't be surprised if they get a million irate 360 owners with dead systems calling them within a week.

Then again, maybe they figured out how to reduce the CPU/GPU requirements and avoid the problems... or maybe the game was running a ton of debug-only code and the production build will be much leaner.

1-800-4my-xbox, start your engines!

Written on September 24, 2007