Bigbig Linkdump for Sept 17, 2007

Prison Planet: 9/11 First Responder Heard WTC 7 Demolition Countdown

Stevey's Home Page: The Emacs Problem 

Andy Matuschak: Getting Started with Cocoa: a Friendlier Approach An Introduction to Erlang

Haskell-cafe: MonadGL - Partitioning effects without giving up type inference Rita User Guide - sounds like a really cool graphics app for Mac OS X - uses Lua to define its pens!

Edmonton Sun: Party's over for Torres - good for him! And good for us Oilers fans!

raganwald: Code/data separation and Encapsulation are diametrically opposed ideas

Yahoo! Finance: U.S. Dollar to Canadian Dollar Exchange Rate (1 USD is 1.0279 CDN right now)

Lambda the Ultimate: Minimal FORTH compiler and tutorial - incredibly cool.

Michael Geist: Fearing Legalized P2P Downloading, CRIA Declares War on Private Copying Levy

Gian-Carlo Rota: 10 Lessons of an MIT Education "If you major in mathematics, you can switch to X anytime you want to, but not the other way around." More or less, yeah. I don't think that's as true for CS majors as it seems to be for Biology majors (from what I'm told by a Biology Postdoc), but it's true that it all comes back to Math at some point, so the more you know, the better you can be in your field.

OpenGL @ Lighthouse 3D - GLUT Tutorial Shapes I: Drawing A Circle

VBForums: How to draw circle use openGL?

2-D graphics using OpenGL

Apple: OpenGL Programming Guide for Mac OS X: Drawing to a Cocoa View

CocoaGL Tutorials

Custom Cocoa OpenGL tutorial

Chapter 1 - OpenGL Programming Guide - I'm reading through this right now (I'm on Chapter 2 I think) to help me with Assignment 1 for CSC 305 (Introduction to Computer Graphics)... I quite like OpenGL!

The Catsters on YouTube - learn about Monads (haven't watched these yet).

The Young Turks: Verbatim Quotes from Republicans when Clinton was Prez.

Erlang for Python programmers: Part II « Ruslan’s Blog

raganwald: We have lost control of the apparatus

Google Code for Educators" Google: MapReduce in a Week

Google Code for Educators: Introduction to Distributed System Design

I Need Closure(s): 'Programming Collective Intelligence' in Common Lisp, Chapter 2

Thoughts on editors (Emacs in particular)

Sam Ruby: Dare Takes a Look at CouchDB

Wikipedia: Parsing expression grammar, the free encyclopedia

Room 101: Parser Combinators

Parser Combinators in C

Monadic Parser Combinators

Graham Hutton: Publications - among all the other things I'm currently reading, you can add Hutton's "Monadic parser combinators" paper.

Written on September 17, 2007