Interesting week

Last Friday my Xbox was delivered but I had stepped out so I had to wait until Tuesday to get it (Monday was a holiday). I spent the long weekend studying for my final exam so it wasn't a big deal.

But on Saturday night I picked up Mario Strikers Charged for the Wii. It's awesome! And the online play is great.

My final exam went well on Tuesday morning, I messed up a couple questions on the midterm so getting an A+ will be tough, I expect to get an A.

Today my copy of Programming Erlang finally arrived from, they screwed up the order and hadn't sent it yet so they sent it to me with free Express shipping after I complained that it should have shipped a month ago. I can't wait to get into that book!

Xavier started Powerskating classes and bicycle classes this week. He has stubbornly refused to learn to ride without training wheels with us, so finally we stuck him in Pedalheads and they're sorting him out for us. :-) Powerskating is going well too, and he's really enjoying it.

Here's a picture of Xavier at Powerskating (he's the one in the middle) taken by the parent of one of Xavier's lacrosse teammates. Thanks Carol!

Xavier at Powerskating

Written on August 9, 2007