Linkdump through March 29th, 2007

Google Code: Updates: Four Google open source tools on Google Code

Google Template System

Ruby Jobs

JPL.NASA.GOV: Cassini Images Bizarre Hexagon on Saturn

Foreign Policy: The Case Against George W. Bush


Late Night Cocoa | A Podcast For Cocoa Developers

Colour Me Cocoa: Exploring the world of cocoa development for Mac OS X.

Cocoa Blogs

Worldwide Developers Conference 2007 - Tracks

the wphj blog: Interview With Brian Amerige, Developer of Flow

Red Sweater Blog: Who Influences You?

MacApper: Journler: Jot Your Thoughts Down

The .NET Addict's Blog: An experience with the Leopard beta

Ten Myths of the Apple TV: 5.1 Audio Student punished for spaghetti beliefs

Yahoo! News: Senate OKs war bill with Iraq timeline

Think Progress: Rove's PowerPoint Presentation Revealed During Oversight Hearing

Teaching Online Journalism: Why Al Jazeera English is blocked in the U.S.



CNET JavaScript bug hunting tool demonstrated

1989 Bill Gates Talk on Microsoft

QJ.NET: A plea for Folding@Home on Xbox 360

LEGO: Digital Designer : Download

TidBITS: Switching My Mom to the Mac Nintendo sells 6 million Wiis ahead of schedule

MIT Responds to Admissions Parody

Lambda the Ultimate: R6RS Ratification

A Patch for Enhanced OCaml Toplevel Getting Lost in a Virtual World

Rail Spikes: 7 Signs Your Project Will Never Make it to Production - all too familiar.

A List Apart: Articles: Ruining the User Experience - also too familiar. :-(

Giles Bowkett: A Conversation With Reg Braithwaite

halostatue: What’s Wrong With Bitwise Magazine?

RedHanded: Wonder of the When-Be-Splat

Kevin's random thoughts: Higher-order messaging

Tom Moertel: Debate to learn. Learn to debate.

Python extension for libmemcache

Google Video: Advanced Topics in Programming Languages: The Java Memory Model

William E. Caputo: Wormhole anti-pattern

News - Croquet Consortium

Read/Write Web: Numenta - Has Artificial Intelligence Arrived?

TechCrunch: Web Services Coming To Twitter

Paul Graham: Why to Not Not Start a Startup


Coding Horror: Going Commando - Put Down The Mouse How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico

Dr. Dobb's: An Algorithm for Compressing Space and Time

arghyle: Great design- Ineeka Tea

Analysis of Unconventional Evolved Electronics

Conal Elliott: Tangible Functional Programming

Exploring Beautiful Languages: Formating Fortress code with Fortify

Ruby Forum: On Enterprise Ruby

CNET Oil at $15 a barrel?

The Cafes: What Java Still Can’t Do

Jeff's SQL Server Weblog: Dear DBA ....

Oracle Proposes Open Source Persistence Project at Eclipse Foundation

Goldblog: Python3000 vs. Perl6 ... Wanna Bet? Five things I hate about Emacs and Vim C/C++ Programming 2 - course pretest

The B-List: Typo - re: programming language type schemes

TSN: Serge Savard speaks out on fighting

Macworld: Why Microsoft should fear Apple

Crooks and Liars: Jon Stewart Slams Gonzales for Blatant Contradiction

Rubynations: Evolution:: (Rails,Ruby) -> Haskell

bbum's weblog-o-mat: Fatblogging: Huh? Homeland Security Classifies TRON as "Sensitive" - fiction, but things are so fucked up right now I had to look twice to be sure. ;-) Five things I hate about Python

Control.Modal : Unobtrusive CSS Modal Windows and Lightboxes for Prototype

PragDave: The RADAR Architecture: RESTful Application, Dumb-Ass Recipient

Dare Obasanjo: Brendan Eich on Mozilla and the Future of AJAX

Yahoo! Mail Web Services

Thinking Parallel: Ten Questions with William Gropp about Parallel Programming and MPI

How to Write an Interpreter in One Day

Slashdot: GWT Java AJAX Programming Judge rules against DVD consortium (via Wes)

Parallel Python


eigenclass: The PostRailsMonkey Manifesto

Written on March 30, 2007