Linkdump through March 26th, 2007 (belated)

This linkdump is actually a few days old, it's sat as a draft in MarsEdit waiting for my attention. I've been too busy to post it. In the mean time I've accumulated TONS of other links in Firefox and NNW I need to dump soon.

I didn't know about's programming "subreddit" until a week ago or so. It's fantastic, there are dozens of excellent links every day. I'll probably be posting links from it regularly, but if you're a programmer, you should check it out yourself... programming - what's new online

Coding Horror: What's Wrong With The Daily WTF

The .NET Addict's Blog: Purpose-Driven Development Environments vs. Capability-Driven Development Environments

Red Sweater Blog: The Responder Chain

NSBlog: Custom NSCells Done Right

Cocoia Blog: Review: Security in OS X Leopard Preview Build

Google Hardware in 1998. A classic.

Sunday Magazine: JOHN BOLTON GETTING NAILED ON BBC - great video, definitely check this one out!

C PUZZLES, Some interesting C problems

Emergent Technologies Inc. -- LMI K-Machine - I didn't get a chance to read through it, but it looks interesting...

ergo: Make - An afterburner for your command-line

BBC: h2g2 - Tea

Figurelicious : How Sugar Makes Us Fat

Varnish - Trac "a state-of-the-art, high-performance HTTP accelerator."

Operating System History

Red Sweater Blog: How Do I Really Feel About MarsEdit?

Lap Cat Software Blog: Selectors and performance anxiety

Yahoo! News: Rare Semi-Identical Twins Discovered

Michael Ash's web page

Yahoo! News: Riches await as Earth's icy north melts

IBM doubles CPU cooling capabilities with simple manufacturing change - brilliant!

International Herald Tribune: Venezuela's Chavez announces plans for 'collective property' under shift toward socialism

Written on March 29, 2007