Linkdump through March 23rd, 2007

UC Berkeley Webcasts: Video and Podcasts: CS 61A

The Dilbert Blog: Today I Will Improve Your Sex Life

Scribd What People say in Court - hilarious stuff

IOL: Anti-rape device to hit market - and rapists - I hope their assumption that the device will give the victim time to escape is true, because if not I think the women would be in even more trouble.

roScripts: CSS creme of the month

A Turing Machine in Conway's Game of Life, extendable to a Universal Turing Machine

Tux Deluxe: Konrad Zuse - Turing's Alter Ego?

Linux Forums: Unlock the Power of VIM - a far less convincing argument than the emacs one posted a few days ago.

E.W. Dijkstra Archive: The strange case of The Pigeon-hole Principle (EWD 980)

Sitepoint: Cost-Effective Website Acceleration

Google Code: google-code-prettify

Fractals of Change: Morph of a Nerd CEO - The Power of Silence

Scribd: Exciting Times To Be An Entrepreneur In America

Neatorama: 10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World.

Be A Good Dad: Why dads should read to their children

Niall Kennedy: Adobe Apollo, beyond the hype

O'Reilly Radar: How Google Books is Changing Academic History

The .NET Addict's Blog: Batch observing an entire array of objects in Cocoa (or - how I learned to love Categories)

The .NET Addict's Blog: How I learned to love NSUndoManager

The .NET Addict's Blog: Leopardizing Hillegass' Book - Chapter 6 "Bindings and NSController"

Coffee & Cocoa: Data for a custom cell in a NSTableView

Coffee & Cocoa: First Responder: A Dynamic Heaven

Dan Wood: Making a "Do not show this warning again" alert

Thinking Parallel: Ten Questions with Joe Armstrong about Parallel Programming and Erlang

Lambda the Ultimate: A Real-World Use of Lift, a Scala Web Application Framework

Okay, time to fess up... I've had a "draft" post in MarsEdit about Scala 2 for 1 week short of a year. Sigh. Yet another language that I really want to look at but haven't made time for. Scala seems _extremely_ cool.

Here's where I was at with last year's draft post...

'Lambda the Ultimate: [ANN] Scala-2


The Scala language fuses object-oriented and functional programming while staying completely interoperable with Java. It is compiled to JVM class files, subclassing is allowed both ways between Java and Scala classes, and no glue code needs to be written by users.

Scala also adds several important and convenient constructs, such as:

- mixin composition with traits,
- first-class functions,
- case classes and pattern matching,
- XML expressions and patterns,
- virtual types,
- for-comprehensions,

The second major version of Scala is now publicly available. This version adds some new constructs to the language and simplifies some idioms (



Engadget: How-To: Automatically back up your computer

WKRN.COM: Playboy Causes Controversy On Vanderbilt's Campus

The thing I find so funny about this is the Vanderbilt student newspaper is The Vanderbilt Hustler. You can't make up stuff that good, folks.

Andres' thoughts: Top ten things ten years of professional software development has taught me

Engadget: Raytheon claims world's first "polymorphic" computer - that was actually the 2nd story I read about this. The first was more interesting but I can't find it in my browser history. :-(

1P Start: Brunswick Bowling for Wii - I bet this will have huge sales after the success of Wii Sports. 10 Reasons You Aren't Rich

CHICKEN: A practical and portable Scheme system

Written on March 23, 2007