A monday tip on friday

I spent a little more time on the Chief Happiness Officer's site after reading about the cool workplaces. Here's a quote from one of his other posts...

"4: Focus on where you are, not where you ought to be

When I keep my mind mostly on how good a snowboarder I want to be, I’m paralyzed by the gap I perceive, and I don’t get there. If I keep my mind on how good (or bad) I really am right now, I constantly improve."

This goes hand in hand with the Backus quote I posted a few days ago. As I said, I "stall" when I don't know how to do something the way I want to do it.

One very interesting thing is my daughter, Cyan, has inherited this problem from me. Possibly it's environmental, she's observed how I organize learning and doing and has picked up the same habit. Either way, I find her doing the same thing as me, but she doesn't have the benefit of maturity to be able to recognize her behaviour, understand its impact on her, and try to improve the situation - so quite often is she can't do something perfectly, she'll try to avoid doing it at all. This has been quite a challenge this year with her playing Soccer and Hockey (and now Lacrosse!) - she is encountering so many situations where she has to do things she doesn't know how to do properly yet and it's hard for her to enjoy the experience and chalk it up to learning instead of failure.

She's lucky her dad understands her so well. :-)

Written on March 23, 2007