Linkdump and Twitter comments

Another big link dump. Some of these links came from other linkdumps. If you think your blog is the source of some of these links, you have my thanks, I enjoyed reading them. :-) Actually, I do remember several links came from this linkdump by Josh.

By the way, I built this linkdump using an AppleScript I wrote that builds links from all open NetNewsWire tabs and puts that HTML into a new MarsEdit post window. This will apparently be part of NNW 3, but I couldn't wait, and well, the script was dead-easy to write, and fun too! If you want the script, let me know.

Now what I need is the same thing for Firefox, I've got a ton of tabs open there too. :-)

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Reg Developer: Developers tell Eclipse why it sucks

LWN: Threadlets

LWN: Thread-based or event-based?

LWN: Fibrils and asynchronous system calls

LWN: Patch: Syslets/threadlets, generic AIO support, v4 MacFUSE: New Frontiers in File Systems

Los Angeles Times: Always a blast with the Boom

Rough Type, Nicholas Carr's Blog: Freebase: the Web 3.0 machine

Lone Star Times: Worst. Baby Name. EVER.

Coding Horror: Dude, Where's My 4 Gigabytes of RAM?

I, Cringely: The Great Apple Video Encoder Attack of 2007

Grupthink: Could the RTBA (Read the Bills Act) really work?

Macworld UK: Apple subnotebook will run iPhone OS X — analyst

Infendo: GDC: Fils-Aime owns Harrison

Computerworld: Why Apple's 'consumer' Macs are enterprise-worthy

Adactio: Watching the stream

Tenerife Skunkworks: Writing low-pain massively scalable multiplayer servers (via Barista)

mamamusings: why twitter matters

I haven't started using Twitter (yet), but I agree that this lightweight model is killer, and it's going to become more common.

mnot’s Web log: REST Issues, Real and Imagined

Natalie Downe: Hacking with Python

Web Worker Daily: Workstreaming: The New Face Time «

We did this at Macrobyte back in 2000. I tried, very hard yet unsuccessfully to promote this idea at Tyrell in 2002. I wish I had pushed harder, but the pushback was strong enough that I felt it was best to give up. I should have been more proactive and done it myself. I did, on occasion, but not consistently enough. I think part of the problem is that blogging tools just aren't lightweight (see my comments on Twitter above) enough to get people to buy in. I think something like Twitter for work is even better than an IRC channel, because it doesn't have the same distraction potential. That's not to say your Twitter log can't be broadcasted to your workgroup's IRC channel, just that you shouldn't be switching to your IRC client to post something.

Years ago I wrote a Rendezvous/Bonjour-oriented Cocoa app to do something like Twitter. I regret not releasing it, because I think it would have worked really well.

I need to release more of the software I write - I've written a lot of good stuff that I didn't release that as a result didn't receive the attention it deserved to mature.

Web Worker Daily: Refactoring Your Career

A Fresh Cup: Be Your Own Big Brother

Vecosys: Lifestreams could help create new personalised discovery engines Lifestream - Could it be the next big thing?

Yup. I need me a lifestream.

People Over Process: Using Twitter at Conferences

I love it!

Christopher S. Penn: How to make custom Twitter groups

ACM Queue: Why Writing Your Own Search Engine is Hard: So you have a grand idea; are you ready for the execution?

David Beach's Blog: Calendar Chatter & The Digital Life Manager It's not what you know, but who you know

25 Code Snippets for Web Designers (Part1)

Bob Sutton: Why Specialists are Grumpy and Generalists are Happy

Raganwald: I'll take Static Typing for $800, Alex.

I started reading this blog a couple of weeks ago. This is an old post but I saw someone link to it so I re-read it. Like most posts on that site, they're worth re-reading a few times.

Not Overlooking Much: Choosing a Python JSON Translator

Allegra: The Model Is JSON

Joe Walker's Blog: JSON is not as safe as people think it is


Pragmatic Programmer: Programming Erlang (out in July 2007, beta available now)

Joel on Software: Can Your Programming Language Do This?

Joel presents another reason to learn functional programming.

Room 101: Tuples +1

ADC: Shell Scripting Primer

20 must-have Firefox extensions

Revish: Microformats at Revish

Firefox add-ons: Operator (for microformats)

Twitter: JimRoepcke (just signed up!)

Written on March 11, 2007