Switched to Firefox tonight

This evening, I tried to delete a bookmark folder in Safari, only to be told it couldn't save my bookmarks. It wouldn't export my bookmarks either. Why not?

My hard disk was full. Zero bytes free. Crap!

But I should have had at least 4GB free... I started Activity Monitor and realized Safari was using 2.78GB of virtual memory. Yes, I had a lot of tabs open, but that's still ridiculous. I couldn't save my tabs so I had to ssh into my linux server and open a text editor to carefully store all my tabs' URLs. Once that was done I rebooted to make sure things would be cleaned up.

Unfortunately I lost my recent (as yet unsaved) Adium chat transcripts in the process. No biggie, but it is annoying.

I decided to switch to Firefox, and I've noticed it's much faster on my PowerBook. Hopefully it won't eat my hard drive too. :-)

Written on February 28, 2007