Zero to Hero in 3 hours

Last night I decided to upgrade my Linux server from Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS Dapper Drake to 6.10 Efty Edge. It should just work, right?

Just about!

The installation failed because it couldn't stop lighttpd. I don't remember installing that, I think a friend of mine who I've let use my server did that. No big deal, I killed it, removed it, and resumed the installation.

Restarted, but my machine was thrashing fiercely. Turns out it upgraded my mail server (Cyrus IMAPd) packages to a version that flat out does not work. Of course, the primary reason for this server to exist is to run my mail server, so that left me not very happy!

Long story short, the current Cyrus 2.2 packages for Edgy are broken, I had to install the deb from source after patching it to remove every trace of references to db-4.4, db4.4 and db44 (so that it properly uses Berkeley DB 4.3 instead of 4.4).

I got it working, and now my mail server is back up and running.

I'm a little upset that Cyrus would be left broken for 4 months since the release of Ubuntu Edgy Eft, but there is recent progress being made on getting a new version of the packages out with this fix. Considering the people maintaining it are likely volunteers, I'll give them some slack, but fact is, Ubuntu's QA failed here. From the look of it, this problem is already addressed for the next version of Ubuntu, so hopefully some other problem doesn't bite me in the ass once I upgrade to that version.

Written on February 24, 2007