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Massive link dump

I've been meaning to post these links for the better part of a week. The first set is related to Yegge's The Next Big Language post, which was great. Here are some links I found via that post that looked interesting, in no particular order.

Seth beat me to commenting on Yegge's The Pinocchio Problem rant, so go read what he had to say about it. Yegge's rant was over a month ago, I've just been to busy to finish reading the beast in its entirety and getting to a response.

Here are some links to other pages I've kept open in browser tabs all week waiting for an opportunity to dump them here...

Some more programming resources that I've found lately, most are probably from digg or reddit:

And out of left field, some amazing Zelda music... even if you're not a Zelda fan I'm sure you'd find this music excellent: ZREO. Ah darnit, it looks like their server is down right now, but I'll link anyway.

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Firefly, Serenity, pain and suffering

Cheryl borrowed the Firefly DVDs from her friend back in October, but we didn't find the time to watch them until recently. We finished watching the series last week, and then watched Serenity with our friend Justin.

Firefly is one of the best TV series I have ever seen. I cannot understand how it got mothballed... whoever made that decision needs to be permanently removed from a position of responsibility.

We want more Firefly. We were so sad watching the last episode, knowing that it was unfinished and we wouldn't see any more, except for the movie.

I would love more movies too, but what I really want is more Firefly episodes. That series could easily run 50 to 100 episodes, and definitely should.

We'll have to buy the DVDs now to show real support. Hopefully if sales are overwhelmingly good, some network will come to their senses and revive it.