Google Search:

Lately I'm reading Lambda the Ultimate nearly every day, since I'm taking CSC 330 (Programming Languages). I wondered, what are some other programming language-oriented sites worth visiting? I rarely use Google's "Similar pages" feature, because when I've tried it the results don't usually help me much. This time, I was impressed with the results, lots of quality sites, but most of the sites are about a particular programming language rather than programming languages in general.

Interesting that Python is the first hit. Maybe even more surprising is that the io language home page was the 2nd hit! I've been fascinated with io for a while, it's right near the top of my list of things to try out. Lots of other obvious choices are in the results, and I was happy to see the D programming language on the list, even if it was the last hit. D is another language I want to look at further.

A couple of golden links from the results:

Programming language theory texts online

Computer Languages History

Written on February 11, 2007