Nintendo investigating Wii strap problem

AP: Nintendo investigating Wii strap problem

"Nintendo's president acknowledged Thursday the just-launched Wii video-game machine may have a problem with a strap that secures its trademark wandlike remote-controller to the player's wrist."

I've seen some pictures showing damage done to TVs and walls after people accidentally throw their Wii remote. I thought, "wow those guys are stupid, how could you let go?" Then I heard that it slips out of people's hands, and I thought that was ridiculous too, playing with a slippery hand... I've heard that kids are using superglue or duct tape to secure the remote to their hands.

I was pretty sure I was immune to this problem... until yesterday.

Last night I was playing Wii Sports Tennis with Shane, and was swinging pretty hard, because I figured out that a seriously fast swing (like I'd do with a real racquet trying to make a hard shot) really does translate into a much faster and harder to return hit. I went to do a hard forehand and the remote slipped out of my hand! I don't think my hand was sweaty at the time, but I suppose it might have been minutely sweaty, or perhaps I just didn't grid the remote properly! Thankfully, the strap did not break and the remote didn't go far, but the thin part of the straps that loop through the remote's end are pretty thin and I wouldn't be surprised if one day it broke.

So, I'm glad Nintendo is investigating this. I think it would be good to have some kind of grip or tape on the remote to make it easier to keep hold of. And I definitely think they need to start using a much stronger material for the straps. A few days ago I saw a photoset on Flickr, Wii Strap Fix that shows how to reinforce the Wii remote strap with fishing line. Maybe I should do that to mine.

Gamasutra: Nintendo To Investigate Wii Strap, Controller Issues

"We are looking into the situation to see if there are additional methods to encourage people to kind of calm down so they would never throw away the controller itself."

So calm down Jim, it's only a game...

I bowled a 240 in Wii Sports Bowling a couple days ago, beating Xavier's previous family record of 236. I got 8 strikes, including a fourth and a turkey. Seung Jong got a "six-pack" over the weekend, but his final score was only 220.

Oh, and before I forget - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is un-freaking-believable. Getting to play Wii Sports and Excitetruck and Raving Rabbids and all those other games on the same box that plays this Zelda game is just a bonus. It will be a sad day when I beat the game because it'll be years before another great Zelda game comes out.

Written on December 7, 2006