WiiConnect24 is working, about last night

This morning I was looking on the forums for advice about getting the Wii online, and found something I hadn't tried (manually entering the DNS info instead of getting it from the DHCP server), but it was just before I had to leave for school so I didn't try it.

I got home a little while ago, tried it, and it worked! If I remember correctly, now that my Wii has been system updated, the WiFi issues should be gone and I can go back to fully automatic settings. That's good.

After getting online I was able to go to the Wii Shop and browse the Virtual Console games. I bought the original Legend of Zelda game, just because, well, it's one of the most important and famous games of all time and I didn't play it back in the day. I still remember the gold-coloured cartridge it came on though, man that was cool.

I'll probably buy Super Mario 64 for the kids, but I'll wait for now.

What I'm really looking forward to is the Internet Channel, ie: Opera web browser. I really hope Nintendo has their head screwed on straight and makes USB keyboards work, because, ummm, duh! It's bad enough that they apparently don't work system-wide. I haven't tried myself, but I read that somewhere and I'm just believing what I read. ;-)

I didn't finish the story this morning about last night's fun. I got up really early yesterday for Cyan's hockey game, and after the whole "ordeal" of waiting in line and picking up the Wiis, going home and getting it set up, an hour of Red Steel and a couple hours of Wii Sports Tennis, Bowling, Golf and Boxing, I was pooped. I was probably ready to go to bed around 7pm but I knew friends were coming over.

First Randy arrived, then Shane, and later Evan. We were mostly playing Wii Sports and Rayman. I started getting super tired around midnight and started mostly watching. By 1am I basically passed out on my recliner in the living room watching them play.

At 3am I woke up to the scene of Randy, Shane, Evan and my other brother-in-law Chuck (who arrived while I slept) in riotous laughter all playing Wii Tennis together. I told them I was going to bed, to make sure all the doors were locked when they let themselves out later... this is actually pretty common, I can remember several occasions where friends came over and played video games here until 5am (Super Mario Strikers on the GameCube and NBA Live on the Xbox come to mind) while Cheryl and I were already asleep. It's a good thing we're all heavy sleepers. :-)

This morning I got up at 9am and turned on the Wii. I went to the message board to see what today's playtime stats were. The system had already been used for 4 hours 36 minutes, meaning the boys stayed until after 4:30am. LOL!

Basically, the Wii has been a smash hit in the Roepcke household since its arrival less than 36 hours ago. I'm really glad I decided to pick up a full set of Wii remotes and Nunchuks, because I've seen reports that they're going to be hard to come by for a while...

Back to tonight... I played Legend of Zelda for a few minutes after I downloaded it, but now I have to get back to my schoolwork. I probably won't see any time on the Wii until Thursday night.

Written on November 21, 2006