Wii would like to play!

I got to EB this morning at 9:15. There were about 20 people in line to get the Wii, but none of those people had pre-ordered it. Most people didn't even realize there had been a pre-order and were pretty upset when they found out. (Oops)

I was the only person there that had pre-ordered. A little later, another pre-order person arrived. People with pre-orders were let in before those waiting in line, which was great, and since I was the first pre-order person there, I was the first person let inside!!!

Woooo! Wiiiiiii!

It took a while because they were finding all the stuff and trying to figure out how to sell the warranty for the system, and I was picking up Shane's pre-order too so I was in there for about a half an hour! People outside were getting restless, to say the least.

I "looked both ways" before I ran to my car (it's pouring rain) to make sure there was nobody ready to lynch me.

The guy that was 1st in line for the non-pre-orders got there at 7am today after being in the Future Shop and Wal-Mart lines and finding out he was 3 or 1 spots too far back in the line respectively to get a Wii.

I took a picture of the store/line from my car after putting the bags in, and took some pictures of the gear when I got home. I'll put up pictures later.


Written on November 19, 2006