Symantec's Spyware for Mac OS X dreams unfulfilled, so far

This story is for my friends who have stubbornly argued with me for years that Mac OS X is just as ripe for malware as Windows and it's coming RSN (real soon now)...

ZDNet Australia blog: Securify This!: Symantec's OS X spyware prediction in flames

"Symantec published its 10th Internet Threat Report this week and quietly admitted a few days later that its predictions of increasing Mac-targeted spyware threats have not been realised."

D'oh! But that's okay my Windows friends, you're going to be way ahead of me when all the viruses and spyware hit Mac OS X because you've got years of valuable experience using anti-malware software. When Mac OS X is attacked you can say "I told you so" when I come grovelling to you for help.

Written on September 28, 2006