The perfect golf swing, video instruction

VideoJug: How to perform the perfect golf swing (via digg)

Lots of good reminders here if you haven't seen an instructor in years, like me.

Last weekend I broke two of my irons (one by accident, one through swinging), which meant I was without my 3, 5 and 7 irons. I went to Golf Town on Tuesday evening and spent a couple hours testing different sets.

I found a year-old set of irons on clearance, 2/3 off, that really suited me well. It's leaps and bounds better than my old irons, and I think it was even cheaper than my last set. My price range was actually twice what I ended up spending, so I treated myself to a new driver that I found for 75% off. :-)

Honestly, I agonized over the decision because I really wanted to try hybrids for my long irons. Not because I needed them, I'm completely comfortable with a 3 iron, but because I found I could hit a hybrid (Nickent Genex 3DX) 30-40 yards farther (consistently) at the driving range than a traditional iron. However, in the end I decided to stick with traditional clubs because I really liked the set and the price was great. Should I decide to add a hybrid to my bag later I'll still be ahead, cost-wise.

This weekend I'm going to play Glen Meadows again (site of the two broken clubs), hopefully I can substantially improve on last weekend's embarassment. ;-)

Written on August 18, 2006