Plone Conference 2006 in Seattle! ARGH! Plone Conference 2006: Seattle, Washington, USA - October 25-27

"The conference venue will be the Seattle Center's Northwest Rooms, home of the Space Needle, which is a beautiful public park/community
center located right in the heart of Seattle."

Typical. I'll be going to school during that time, so the chances of me going are pretty slim. Finally the conference is within reach but it's still scheduled during the fall school term.

I also turned down a potential opportunity to go to WWDC this year. I could have applied for the student scholarship again, but now that I'm working much less during school terms I couldn't justify the travel expense. Hopefully when school is done I'll manage the time to go to conferences - mind you, I won't be able to get a free WWDC ticket anymore so I probably wouldn't be able to afford to go to that one anyway!

Written on June 17, 2006