Segway story from CSM, then me

Yahoo! News (CSM): Backstory: A natural Segway

Seeing that story reminded me that last week I saw a Segway up close for the first time. I was driving around Ring Road at UVic, approaching a pedestrian crossing, when all of a sudden, from behind some trees I saw something barrelling towards the crosswalk. My initial reaction was "there's no way it can stop before he gets to the road!" so I slammed on the brakes. I was only doing 40km/h, but I still had to hit them hard because I was pretty close to the crosswalk. I stopped, and then so did the Segway.

Whoa. That thing was booking it, but sooner than I could say "oh crap" it was at a perfectly balanced stand-still. (phew) I caught my breath and the Segway operator looked at me and grinned, leaned forward and went on his merry way.

Written on May 19, 2006