Hockey fandamonium on IRC, Oilers advance!



LOL! Thankfully I'm at home and able to watch the games. Yahoo! was broadcasting NHL games live in the first round, not sure if they still are though.

I haven't been saying anything about hockey here in a long time, not sure why, but believe me I'm beyond excited about my team advancing to the Western Conference Finals, for the first time since 1992!

Throughout the season Oiler players kept saying "we know we've got a great team, if we make it to the playoffs we're going to do some damage" or "we know what we've got in the dressing room, we don't just want to make it to the playoffs we want to go deep", but after so many years of not making it this far I considered it positive lip service but took a "I'll believe it when I see it" attitude, don't get too high or too low because the emotions just get too crazy. Wonder no more, I've never seen a team work as hard as these Oilers are this year. A switch was turned during the Detroit series and ever since they've been a juggernaut.

I knew the NHL lockout was a good thing and would mean great things for the Oilers in the future, but to see the future happen in the first season of the new CBA is beyond gratifying. Thank you NHL, and GO OILERS GO!

Written on May 18, 2006