Spring term is over!

Yesterday morning I had my last final exam of the year and promptly threw my back out, just in time for the afternoon's schedule of putting my office back together for the summer term!

After a massage appointment this morning I'm feeling a bit better, and Kam and I just finished setting up the office. It looks pretty much identical to last year's configuration, so there's a strong feeling of deja-vu for Kam and I.

One difference: this year we have gigabit ethernet for our Linux and Mac boxes. (there's only one old W2K box and it doesn't have gigabit)

I'm hoping to work on the same stuff I did last summer, which was successful and enjoyable at the same time.

My non-work-related goals for the summer include:

  • learning at least one functional programming language (Ocaml was recommended by a local Ph.D. student at UVic)
  • losing some weight and getting regular exercise
  • implementing at least one of the ideas that's been floating around my head all year
  • moving my personal mail server off my development box
  • playing video games less
  • playing with the kids more
  • seeing friends and family more
Written on April 25, 2006