What's your Brain Age?

Nintendo: Brain Age : Train your Brain in Minutes a Day

I picked up Brain Age for the Nintendo DS on the 18th. It was only $25 Canadian at EB Games (I think it's about $20 in the US), this is an extremely fun, innovative game. No wonder it's sold millions of copies in Japan! This is the game that will get your Mom and Dad to buy a Nintendo. Think how much fun it'd be to own your parents at something they have fun doing! :-)

Last month I bought Tetris DS, that is insanely fun to play online, even though I usually get beat pretty badly. I'm good, but I'm not lightspeed like so many people that play online. Oh, and if you want a good game for a young girl, Super Princess Peach is a good choice. Cyan loves it. :-)

All the while, my Sony PSP sits collecting dust. What a waste of money. There are zero games I want for that system. All the fun stuff I want to do with it (like using it as a universal remote control) I can't because Sony won't let homebrew software run on the new firmware. Sony needs a reality-check kick in the ass.

Written on April 21, 2006