A 15 Minute Introduction to E

I just finished reading Marc Stiegler's A 15 Minute Introduction to E, which I found at E Thesis: Robust Composition: Towards a Unified Approach to Access Control and Concurrency Control, posted to Lambda the Ultimate.

E looks extremely useful. I really like the "eventual send" feature with its "when" block.

"This document is intended as a 15-minute introduction to E. Many--even most--of the constructs of the language are not even mentioned. But the constructs left out are ones that should be straightforward to learn for anyone who has programmed in Java. We leap almost directly to a discussion of the features that make E unique, starting with the eventually operator and its attendant features."

I see Wes has just linked to the thesis too. I definitely want to look further into E once my exams are finished.

Written on April 16, 2006