Steve Brainwashallmerkids

Steve Ballmer:

"I've got my kids brainwashed: You don't use Google, and you don't use an iPod."

Let's compare and constrast with Robert Scoble:

"This is why I think Microsoft needs to pay deep attention to it and why my son says it's the most addictive thing he's done so far."

Do you think Steve Ballmer lets his kids play with Second Life? Probably not, just Halo 2. Shocked, there's more....

Scoble: Mozart would flip over SongTrellis: "Oh, and Patrick says thanks to the Mac/Office team who sent him a copy of Mac Office and Virtual PC for his Mac. He’s sitting on the couch right now playing with Windows on his Mac. Ahh, maybe he’ll come back around to the dark side of the force!"

Do you think Steve Ballmer likes to see Windows referred to as the dark side of the force and to find out their chief blogger / evangelist's son's Mac use is proudly discussed in public?

Ballmer needs to get a clue. He might have gotten hints from his kids if he hadn't brainwashed them. I don't blame Microsoft employees for wanting to see him fired.

Written on March 29, 2006