Windows Vista delayed - blame Apple

Yahoo! News: Microsoft to Delay Windows Vista Release

"Microsoft Corp. will delay the consumer release of its new Windows operating system until January 2007, missing the holiday sales season and throwing some PC makers and retailers into turmoil."

The article mentions MS needing to "enhance security and other functions" before releasing it. Let's be real here, if it was security delaying the release it would never ship. So what's the real reason Vista was delayed?


It's in bloody August this year!

Years ago WWDC was in May. For the last few years it's been in June, but this year it's shifted all the way to August. This is a brilliant move on Apple's part, because there's no way Microsoft will have time to copy anything significant in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard if they are to ship it in November (meaning it has to be golden-master by September at the latest). Even by half-assed standards it'd take a few months to make it appear on the surface like Vista is comparable.

So, by backing off to January, they get back the two months they lost when WWDC was moved from June to August. Rook takes Pawn! Checkmate! I bet Apple didn't see that one coming.

Written on March 22, 2006