Just took a "caffeine nap"

Achieve-IT!: How to Take A Caffeine Nap

"The Caffeine Nap is simple. You drink a cup of coffee and immediately take a 15 minute nap. Researchers found coffee helps clear your system of adenosine, a chemical which makes you sleepy. So in testing, the combination of a cup of coffee with an immediate nap chaser provided the most alertness for the longest period of time. The recommendation was to nap only 15 minutes, no more or less and you must sleep immediately after the coffee."

I read about this a couple of weeks ago but this afternoon was my first need for it. I had last week off of school and didn't get my sleep habits back to normal before school started again this morning. I got to bed at 2am this morning and had to get up at 8:30. Six and a half hours is good for most people but I need eight hours to feel rested.

Mix lack of sleep and the first day back to lectures after my brain took a vacation and I was done by the time I got home. I poured myself a glass of Pepsi (I don't have or drink coffee), and downed it standing next to my bed and then immediately took a nap. I couldn't fall asleep right away and didn't feel good after 15 minutes so I stayed down for a few extra minutes. I've been awake now for 20 minutes and I feel extremely alert. I wonder how long this will last. :-)

Homework time!

Written on March 1, 2006