Xavier ruins Zelda week

Shane and I were about half way through Wind Waker as of the end of Tuesday night. We went to play this evening after watching the Monty Python special on PBS, only to find out that this afternoon, Xavier found our memory card, put it in the GameCube, and in trying to start our game so he could see the "blue sword" (not sure what that is, but whatever), he copied my game save from 2003 over our new game save and deleted Shane's old game save from 2003.

Yup, everything we did on Monday and Tuesday night was obliterated. So, Zelda week is over early and we didn't get close to finishing. Boo.

I thought the card was out of his reach, but apparently it's not if he climbs on the piano to get to the top of the stereo stand, which is nearly 5 ft tall.

Written on February 23, 2006